Support the project via ko-fi or Patreon


As you may see, all of k3Q× is accessible for free, and that will remain that way forever.

However, I have some plans for the future that will require a good investment, starting with the proper domain (not the neocities one you are navigating now), streams to document in detail the process behing this mazes, an app where you will be able to travel k3Q× in an interactive fashion. Also, for the sake of posterity, I want to compile the maze in three volumes as a collectors edition of the work, once it’s finished, not to mention that k3Q× is just one among a plethora of projects I want to create in the future.

All of that may or may not happen, but even if not, the ammount of time I have put into this (and all the remaining time until completion) isn’t necesarily free for me, which is a big factor for the rather slow pace I’m advancing in this (I can only make progress during my spare time).

Having started this project somewhere around 2014, my current estimations say that I still need 2 to 3 decades to finish, so, having some sort of income from this project would allow me to move faster.

That’s why I have decided to launch both a Ko-fi and a Patreon page, so you can donate any ammount you find appropiate for the content I’m creating, be it via single donations or via monthly subsriptions.

So, feel free to check those out, or reach me directly at if you have any question about support methods and rewards.