Enter the maze

Current progress: 32.04%

k3Q× is a monumental maze composed of 3 stages of 70 layers each one, for a total of 210 individual mazes.

The first ones are small and simple, nothing but an introduction, a tutorial before facing bigger and more complex challenges along the way.

The progress is measured by the sum of the size for every individual layer of the maze. Meaning that even if there are 210 layers in total, 105 isn’t half the way, since every layer has a different size, and both creating and solving the maze becomes harder as time goes by, so the numbers here are just an aproximation.

Making of layer 128

• What is this? A timelapse of the process behind drawing a maze, or 53 hours of my life condensed in one hour.
• Why does this process take so long? OCD, probably…

• Is an hour too much? Play the video at ×2 speed!
• Look for your favourite music, because the video is silent.
• There could be some glitches here and there. Sorry for that.

Support the project


As you may see, all of k3Q× is accessible for free, and that’s meant to stay that way forever.

However, I have plans for the future that will require an important monetary investment, like a proper domain, streams to document the making of the project, an app where you will be able to travel k3Q× in an interactive fashion, and once it’s finished, I want to compile the maze in three printed volumes as a collectors edition of the work (not to mention that k3Q× is just one among a plethora of long term projects of mine).

All of that may or may not happen, but even if not, the ammount of time and resources I have to put into this isn’t free, which is a big factor for the rather slow pace and long hiatuses along the way.

Having started this project somewhere around 2014, my current estimations say that I still need 2 to 3 decades to finish, so, having some sort of income for this project would allow me to move faster.

That’s why I have launched both a Ko-fi and a Patreon page, so you can donate any ammount you find appropriate for the content I’m creating, be it via single donations or a monthly subscription.

However, there is little to no reward for your donations at this point, since everything is already free.

On the other hand, you can share this website with anyone who may like it. I’m sure that’s the best way to support the project in the long term.

In any case, check those out, or reach me directly via e-mail if you have any question about support methods, rewards, or anything else you want to say, like business stuff or some personal message.

— ef